Sixtyplus Surfers feature Dried Flowers by Post

Gone to Seed is a newly launched florist specialising in dried flowers by post. They have a fresh new look when it comes to dried flowers, concentrating on a fresh colourful yet natural look.

Designs are bold and packed full of stems and colour. Vases are 100% recycled or reclaimed and packaging is recycled where possible. Dried flowers are a more sustainable way to say it with flowers.

What is great about dried flowers? They are more sustainable. “We don’t claim to be the top of the sustainability shout out as we do use dyed flowers because without colour we would feel drab,” says Gone to Seed.

“That said, our flowers are less travelled and they last for years and not weeks. Once the flower is picked the water stops there!”

Luckily for any hay fever sufferers, dried flower arrangements do not contain pollen! All the live particles that cause the hay fever will have dried out, so they are safe for all to have inside.

Dried flowers are zero maintenance and perfect for dark rooms or rooms that don’t get used often. They are a great option for those running a guest house, hotel, pub or restaurant as they give a bright show without the burden of regular change and the expense of fresh flowers in rooms that may not always be in regular use.

For more information about Gone to Seed dried flowers visit

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